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What is the Colorado Public Health Practice-Based Research Network (COPHPBRN)?

What is the Colorado Public Health Practice-Based Research Network (COPHPBRN)?

The Colorado Public Health Practice-Based Research Network is one of the first 12 networks of its type developed across the country. The purpose of the network is based in the success of practice based research in primary care and other health care fields, and the understanding that there is a need for rigorous research that directly informs public health practice.

Successful PBRNs bring together individuals in public health practice and research to identify relevant questions and link them with rigorous research methods applied within actual practice settings. The result of this collaboration is scientific information that is relevant to practice, externally valid, and readily adopted into practice.

Who is the COPHPBRN?

Staff, a Steering Committee and YOU!

The COPHPBRN began as a collaborative effort of several public health organizations in Colorado including the Colorado School of Public Health, the Public Health Alliance of Colorado and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Julie Marshall, Ph.D., and Lisa VanRaemdonck, MPH, MSW, are the co-directors and Sarah Lampe, MPH, is the project manager. Many other individuals are involved in the network, including state and local public health professionals, foundation staff, and faculty and staff in the Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado, Denver, School of Public Affairs, and the University of Denver, Strum College of Law.

A Steering Committee consisting of researchers and local public health agency practitioners guides the development of the network.

The success of the Colorado Public Health Practice Based Research Network is dependent upon an active group of public health practitioners and researchers that are interested in engaging in rigorous research to answer important questions related to public health practice.

We hope that you will find the work of the network interesting and useful, and that you will join us on this journey to find the optimal connections between research and practice.

The initial focus of the COPHPBRN is in the area of Public Health Systems and Services Research (PHSSR).  This type of research is closely related to Heath Services Research (HSR), wherein researchers explore the best ways to structure and fund health care services.  PHSSR is the evidence base for Evidence-Based Public Health Administration – an area of work that tells public health not what programs to implement for improved health outcomes, but rather how to structure and implement those programs through funding, governance, staffing, etc.

What is Public Health Systems and Services Research?

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