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Local Public Health Agencies in Colorado
Swimming Upstream with the Salmon

Analogies of the U.S. Health Care System

By Dr. Mark B. Johnson, Executive Director, Jefferson County Public Health

Are you a beached whale, a stranded starfish, or a leaping salmon?
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Public Health Nursing Brochure

CPHNL and PHNAC have developed a brochure outlining the Public Health Nursing profession in Colorado, available for download today!

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The Colorado Society for Public Health Education (COSOPHE)

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COSOPHE is committed to excellence in health education by providing leadership to the profession, advancing health education, and advocating for public health policies. The Colorado chapter of the Society for Public Health Education is a voluntary organization made up of professional health educators and students who reside in Colorado. Members are involved in health education activities in a variety of settings including worksites, managed care organizations, health care settings, schools, and local health departments. 

Membership in COSOPHE is a valuable part of the professional lives of many health educators in Colorado. The services and programs offered by COSOPHE are designed to enhance skills and improve knowledge as well as promote career development and networking.

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