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Local Public Health Agencies in Colorado
Swimming Upstream with the Salmon

Analogies of the U.S. Health Care System

By Dr. Mark B. Johnson, Executive Director, Jefferson County Public Health

Are you a beached whale, a stranded starfish, or a leaping salmon?
Click here to read Dr. Johnson's excellent article.

Public Health Nursing Brochure

CPHNL and PHNAC have developed a brochure outlining the Public Health Nursing profession in Colorado, available for download today!

PHN Brochure Version 1 ► Best for viewing online

PHN Brochure Version 2 ► Best for printing from desktop/personal printers

PHN Brochure Version 3 ► Best for professional printers



The Colorado Directors of Environmental Health (CDEH)

The Colorado Directors of Environmental Health (CDEH) represents Environmental Health Directors of local health departments as well as individuals responsible for the overall management of environmental health programs in cities, counties or regions.  The purpose of the organization is to foster and promote:

  • Dialogue among local public health agencies on environmental health issues of statewide or local significance;
  • Disseminate environmental health information among local public health agencies statewide;
  • Consistently enhance environmental health programs statewide; and
  • Develop policies or regulations that result in the enhancement of environmental health conditions in Colorado.

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CDEH By-laws

Download a pdf version of the Environmental Health brochure

Powerpoint Presentations from past meetings