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Local Public Health Agencies in Colorado
Swimming Upstream with the Salmon

Analogies of the U.S. Health Care System

By Dr. Mark B. Johnson, Executive Director, Jefferson County Public Health

Are you a beached whale, a stranded starfish, or a leaping salmon?
Click here to read Dr. Johnson's excellent article.

Public Health Nursing Brochure

CPHNL and PHNAC have developed a brochure outlining the Public Health Nursing profession in Colorado, available for download today!

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The Colorado Association of Local Boards of Health (CALBOH)


The Colorado Association of Local Boards of Health (CALBOH) is a unique organization strengthening Colorado’s local boards of health, in collaboration with the State Board of Health.

CALBOH Vision Statement

The mission of the Colorado Association of Local Boards of Health (CALBOH) is to strengthen local boards of health through education, training, networking, advocacy, collaboration and celebration, thus enabling them to effectively support the core functions and the ten essential services of public health that promote and protect the health of their communities.


CALBOH Mission


The CALBOH’s vision is to remain focused on the health of the public by:

  • Recognizing that public health is the foundation on which a successful health care system is built.
  • Promoting high standards of comprehensive public health services for the citizens of Colorado.
  • Providing consultation and education for, and facilitate the collaboration among, Board of Health members.
  • Supporting health policy and finance issues in support of public health in Colorado.
  • Encouraging close working relationships between local Boards of Health and other allied agencies, including the State Board of Health.
  • Advancing programs and projects deemed necessary to protect and promote the health of the citizens in Colorado.
  • Supporting public awareness of public health issues and dangers.

CALBOH Information Sheet

Board of Directors

Membership & Dues: Download Application


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CALBOH is a sponsor of The Community Guide, a branch of the CDC which provides recommendations on effective interventions and evidence-based public health improvements.