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Local Public Health Agencies in Colorado
Swimming Upstream with the Salmon

Analogies of the U.S. Health Care System

By Dr. Mark B. Johnson, Executive Director, Jefferson County Public Health

Are you a beached whale, a stranded starfish, or a leaping salmon?
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Public Health Nursing Brochure

CPHNL and PHNAC have developed a brochure outlining the Public Health Nursing profession in Colorado, available for download today!

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The Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO)

The Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO) is the statewide organization representing local public health agencies in Colorado.  Its purpose is to foster an effective and efficient public health system in Colorado and to encourage improvement in the quality, capacity, and leadership of local public health agencies.

Its vision is to bring together the leadership of local public health agencies in each county, including health officers, administrators, community health nursing directors, and environmental health directors, to create a constructive and collegial environment to advance the broad interests of local public health. To support this vision, CALPHO shall:

  1. Identify and promote needed changes in established public policy at the local, state and federal levels that affect public health.
  2. Promote improved cooperation and coordination with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment for the continued improvement of the public health system in Colorado.
  3. Promote improved cooperation between the public health system and other components of Colorado's health care delivery system.
  4. Develop a unified approach to State legislative issues relating to public health.
  5. Share information, address issues, and help each other resolve concerns unique to local public health agencies and the duties of the Public Health Director of each of these agencies.
  6. Promote and support public health leadership and the development of public health leadership through:
    - Communication and distribution of public health information and ideas to keep local health officials informed and current.
    - Fostering innovation in local health departments through the exchange of ideas and consultation among local health officials.
    - Provision of educational programs or forums.
  7. Represent and advocate for local public health:
    - With policy-makers, related organizations and agencies, and the public.
    - On a statewide basis, building coalitions with other related statewide organizations and associations
  8. Support effective local public health practice and systems to improve community health status through such efforts as participation in the development and implementation of local public health program standards.


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