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2015 Public Health in the Rockies Conference

The Call for Abstracts is now OPEN for the 2015 Public Health in the Rockies, September 16-18, 2015 in Vail, Colorado.

Submissions due April 18th.

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RIHEL's ALTP Returns!

RIHEL's Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP) Returns!
Applications accepted starting January 12th, 2015 for the Class of 2016.

This is a year-long advanced training program for health and environment professionals working in the Rocky Mountain region. Program details and application guidance available on the RIHEL website.

Applications due April 30th, 2015.

A Collaboration of 10 Organizations Joining Forces to Strengthen Public Health in Colorado


Every five years, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment releases a public health improvement plan as required by the 2008 Public Health Act. The Public Health Alliance is thrilled to feature the second publication of these plans Healthy Colorado: Shaping a State of Health.” The plan focuses on a synergism between local public health improvement plans, CDC’s Healthy People 2020, Colorado’s Winnable Battles, Governor John Hickenlooper’s 2013 “State of Health” report, and the 2013 Colorado Health and Environmental Assessment.

Healthy Colorado: Shaping a State of Health” outlines measurable goals for specific health and environmental issues, with a focus on the state’s flagship priorities – obesity prevention and mental health/substance abuse. Also addressed in the plan are key issues including health care access coverage, marijuana, Colorado’s Winnable Battles, and continued improvements to public health infrastructure.

Get a glimpse of the measureable goals drawn out in the plan:

  • Decrease the obesity rate in Colorado by 10 percent over the next five years,
  • Focus on three areas of high need regarding improved mental health and decreased substance abuse: social/emotional health of mothers, fathers, caregivers and children; depression screening, referral practices and stigma reduction; and prescription drug abuse prevention.

How does public health plan to tackle these issues? Read the “Healthy Colorado: Shaping a State of Health” improvement plan to learn more.